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In the Syriac Aramaic language, Shroro means, "the Truth." Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God, is the Truth (shroro) that we all aspire to emulate. He alone is the great inspiration for this project.


This project was initiated by SOCM-FORUM and it was a collective and successful effort of our faithful from different parts of the world. The mission of the team behind "shroro," is to praise HIM and to uphold the true faith of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church, handed over to us by our forefathers, as well as to make a platform for all Syriac Orthodox Christians around the world to disperse the news and events of the Church. Our vision is to take 'shroro' to new heights and be the premier magazine of its kind on internet.


We are fully aware that the e-magazine 'shroro' is presently in its infancy and its further development and success will be entirely dependent on your right feed back and encouragement. Hence we request all of you to give us your valuable comments about the e-magazine


Types of Submissions
We are currently seeking material in two major areas: Christian Spirituality and News. Articles pertaining to Christian spirituality must be Orthodox in teaching. We prefer articles on the Antiochene heritage of Christianity, but will consider all sorts. If there is Syrian Orthodox news in your part of the world, please feel free to report this to us. News articles should be as timely as possible.


Who Can Write?
Everyone is welcome to submit articles. One needn't be part of the Antiochene Syriac Orthodox Church to write, though most authors are affiliated with the Church.


Article Specs
Articles should be between one and five pages long. If you have photos to send, please make sure they are public domain or that you have the copyright. Sending photos to shroro grants shroro the permission for electronic or print use. If you become a regular contributor, please send a photo of yourself so that we may include it with future articles.


If you'd like to exhibit your artwork on our site, please email us regarding your artwork. Drawings, paintings, icons, and graphic design will all be considered.


Email: Sent your work electronically to:


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