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06 March 2011

Today’s Bible verse


“Jesus’ mother stood besides his cross.”(John 19:25)


Could you reckon with a death in the ventilator without your dear ones besides you?


Barring loved ones besides you is the most unbearable death in this world. Most of the deaths now take place in the ventilator of the hospitals with the presence of all the life supporting machines instead of loved ones . Death beds outside the hospitals are not any different if nobody around them with love . If we pass from this world with the feelings of nobody there at your side is an unpardonable crime of the humanity as a whole. So it is the moral duty of the medical care givers and the human beings at large to give quality loved presence, support, and care to the people at their last moments on this earth. A dignified peaceful death with the presence of the loved ones is the birth right of human beings. There would be great quality change in the human life if we are being there with love at the last stage of an individual especially the out casted by the society in name of sickness like AIDS. Neither our work nor any responsibilities in any job or position excuse us from caring for our loved ones in their distress and death. What can we do today to show our love to our fellow beings who are in the death beds? Simply there with love often enough.


Sister Dolores, who is with the AIDS patients says, ”There is a lot of fear at the beginning for those who come to us with AIDS. It is hard for them to cope up with the fact that they are going to die. But being there with us and seeing us with others in their last moments make a difference. I remember in New York that the mother of a man from Puerto Rico offered to nurse him if he came home. He thanked her but said he would remain with us, though he would visit her. One day he told me, ‘ I know when I am dying you will be there holding my hand,’ because he had seen us doing it with others and knew that he wouldn’t die alone.” “ It’s quite simply really. The dying are moved by the love they receive and it may be just a touch of my hand, or a glass of water, or providing them with some kind of sweet they desire. They know some one cares for them- and that, in itself, is a great help to them. Because of this they believe that God must be even kinder, more generous, and so their souls are lifted up to God. As we don’t preach, we just do what we do with love, they are touched by God’s grace.”


“ When Jacob had finished giving these instructions to his sons, he lay down on his bed and died.”(Genesis 49:33)

Prayer: Jesus, Let you be with us in days of our last moments on this earth. Let not anybody die with the feelings of loneliness and unlovingness. Let your spirit of compassion and love lead us to give quality love and presence to those who are in the deathbed without anybody to care and love. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.



Paulose Aachen

Toronto, Monday, 06 March 2011


Rev. Fr. V. V. Paulose


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