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28 February 2011

Today’s Bible verse


If God wants, we will live and do this or that.” (James 4”15)


Do you like to eliminate one of the greatest sources of disappointment - Expectation?


We shouldn’t have any expectations except God’s will. Our prayer is “thy will be done as it’s in heaven.” Insha Allah is an Arabic word means God willing or in Latin Deo volented (DV). We get everything as per God's will, so there is no meaning to expect things as we wish. Disappointment is the result of things that move contrary to our expectations. If you want happiness, the best choice is to have zero expectation. That doesn’t mean you should let go of your dreams or goals, or not work hard, or not believe in yourself or not have tremendous perseverance. We work hard and compete but the result has be entrusted to God. As He wishes, he gives the results.


Wally was one of the happiest people. No one ever heard him complain about anybody in the world. He never spoke ill of another human being and never wished his life were different than it was. And while he had a lot less than almost every one, he had a richer life on the inside, where it really matters. When he was fighting cancer (and still not complaining), his friend Richard asked about his optimistic approach to life. He said, "Richard, when I look in the mirror, I set my expectation to zero. That way, everything I see is a miracle. I’ve lived my entire life that way, and it’s always kept me happy and peaceful.” Indeed it did, right up until the day he died. Even at the very end of Wally’ life, he would say, "Life doesn’t get any better than this. I have today. I have my friends. I can breathe. I’m live. I’m happy to be here.” And the most beautiful part of Wally’s attitude was that everyone who knew him that he meant every single word.


Setting your expectations for yourself and for others as close to zero as you possibly can is easier than you think, but it takes practice. If you can do this, however, you will eliminate a great deal of future disappointment.


Prayer : Jesus, let your will be done on earth. We pray for those who are living in disappointment and discouragement. Let us have the revelation of reality that things are taking place not according to our wish but as thou wish. Let us tune our life with zero expectations and work for the expansion of your kingdom. All we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Paulose Aachen

Toronto, Monday, 28th February 2011


Rev. Fr. V. V. Paulose


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