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Dn. Joseph (Joseph Sir) to be ordained as Ramban



Dn. Joseph (Joseph sir), who has been staying in Malel Kuriz Dayro for a long time. He will be ordained a full deacon (mSamshono Evangeloyo) on October 21, Oct 28, as a Priest, and on November 02, as a Dayaroyo (Ramban), all at Malelcuriz Dayro, Puthencruz, Kerala by Mor Dioscoros Kuriakose .

Those who knows Dn. Joseph would testify his saintly life at Malel Kuriz Dayro ( While working in the P&T Department at Thiruvanathapuram, Joseph had an irrepressible inner call to devote his life for the Lord's glory. Restless in spirit he wrote about it to Mor Philoxenos Paulose Metropolitan (Catholicose Paulose II) of blessed memory. After a series of correspondence and discussions he resigned his job in November 1967 and came to the Metropolitan's Aramana in Muvattupuzha marking the beginning of his dayro life. In 1976 he moved to the Malecuriz Dayro as per the express desire of the Catholicos where he served also as teacher in the seminary till it was shifted to Udayagiri. Since he entered the portals of the monastery he has never gone out of its bounds except in the church processions during holy feats. He is now 70 years and is always involved in praying, teaching, preaching or giving spiritual counsel.


Dn. Joseph ordained as mSamshono Evangeloyo (full deacon) on October 21 by H.G Kuriakose Mor Dioscoros at Malelcuriz Dayro



Rev. Dn. Joseph of Malecuriz ordained as Kaaseeso .


The ordination ceremony was at the Malecuriz Dayro Church on Saturday, 28th October 2006. HG Dioscoros Kuriakose Metropolitan was the chief celebrant. Assisted by Very Rev. Prof. K.P. Geevarghese Cor-Episcopa, Vicar, malecuriz Dayro, Very Rev. Yohanon Plavilayil Ramban, Very Rev. Benyamin Mulayirikal Ramban, Rev. Fr. Abraham Kooliyat, Rev. Fr. Roy Meppadath, Rev. Fr. George M. Vadath, Rev. Fr. Thomas M. Paul, Rev. Fr. Cherian Kooliyat, & Rev. Fr. Eldhose Kakkadan. 


As per the Holy Apostolic Bull of HH The Moran Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, No. 289/2006 , Rev. Fr. Joseph Malecuriz will become a Rambachen on 2nd November 2006 at the Malecuriz Dayro.
























Kaaseeso Joseph of Malecuriz ordained as 'PHINEHAS RAMBAN'


ON 2nd NOVEMBER 2006, Rev. Fr. Joseph Malecuriz was ordained as 'PHINEHAS RAMBAN' by HG Mor Dioscoros Kuriakose Metropolitan at The Malecuriz Dayro Church as per the Holy Apostolic Bull of H H Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, The Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, No. 289/2006  






























' The Blessing of the Holy Church - Rev. Joseph Sir of Malelcruz'




It was with jubilant heart that I received the news about the Holy Ordination of our beloved Joseph Sir (Reverend Deacon Joseph of Malelcruz Dayro), who will be Ordained a Priest, (Dayroyo V. Rev. Ramban) on the 2nd of Nov. 2006. It will be a fulfilling moment for a number of Metropolitans, hundreds of Priests and thousands of Faithful who were fortunate enough to study under this Ugra Sanyasi- Arch Dayroyo-Monk (this highly appropriate word used by His Beatitude Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I, Catholicose, about Rev. Joseph Sir). My testimony is not needed to prove his illustrious and uncompromising spiritual life. But I am one of many who experienced and enjoyed the fruit of his sublime spiritual life which is unique in the Holy Church in Malankara at the present times.


When the Holy Church went through the unprecedented escalation of the church feud in the early 1970s, the patriarchal faction started the Seminary in Perumpilly and thereafter moved to Malelcruz Monastery, where I pursued Theological studies, under the efficient leadership of His Eminence Mor Yakoob Mor Themotheos of blessed memory. Those were times when all subjects were handled by two teachers {His Eminence Mor Themotheos and Rev. Deacon Joseph (Sir)}. The exceptions were visits and occasional classes by His Beatitude Aboon Mor Baselios Paulose II of blessed memory and His Eminence Dr. Kadavil Paulose Mor Athanasius of blessed memory. It is incredible that the Holy Church, in spite of the inexplicable persecution and suffering from all areas withstood the test of time . Rev. Deacon Joseph (Sir) of Malelcruz has had a vital role in shaping the present stable and steadfast progressive position of the Holy Syrian Orthodox Church in Malankara.


The most important session of the day I personally enjoyed was the brief spiritual, energetic, valiant and forthright meditation speeches given by Joseph Sir at the end of each midnight and morning prayers that began at 5:30 AM sharp. Those sessions were filled with spiritual wisdom, theology and Church history. Many times those sessions extended to outside discussions and debates, which opened up treasures of knowledge and information. Now, I could cherish the sweet memories, after 27 years that all seminarians enjoyed the stay, study, long prayers, incessant prostrations; not only at the time of prayers (usually at 4 times), but at all times you enter the Church to ask Joseph Sir a question about a previous class or an explanation upon a particular passage in the Holy Bible. Joseph Sir could virtually open the Holy Bible to that designated part you seek explanation on, without any flipping of pages. Such is his familiarity with the Holy Bible. A well versed theologian, one of a kind Dayroyo, uncompromising teacher, a loving and caring father and compassionate counselor to all, who could not stand anyone who misinterpret the Word. And do not be taken aback when Rev. Joseph Sir calls you by your baptismal name, even with a lapse of 20 years or so, after your last visit to Malelcruz. His humble but extraordinary life with frugal food and untiring studies and teaching in pursuit of Christian Spirituality is cherished by each and every person who met him at least once. I am quite sure that he will not be fond of these writing of appreciation.


Like my humble self, many knew that Joseph Sir was one of many who really suffered at the schisms of the church. He vehemently opposed the tendency among a few who knowingly or unknowingly brought many arguments that would mar the divine personality of the Holy Apostles and their spiritual commissions. He continued to promote the Holy Church and her greater mission on this Earth through his life model. His strong faith in Christ and in His providence is certainly a pathway to hundreds of Clergy and innumerable Faithful. I sincerely pray to the Good Lord that our beloved Joseph Sir (would be - Very Reverend Joseph Rambachan) be given long life and good health to guide many more to practice energetic, sincere and truthful Christian life thereby serving the Holy Church in his unique life style.


Prayerfully Submitted,

Fr. Mathai Varkey Puthukkunnathu.
Secretary, Malankara Archdiocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North America.
Vicar, St. Ignatius Elias III Syrian Orthodox Church, Atlanta, Georgia.


The presence and prayers of Rev. Deacon Joseph at the Dayaro adds to its sanctity.


The day of Rev. Deacon's ordination as a Ramban will be a golden day for the Jacobite Church. Rev. Deacon, a true and faithful son of holy Church, is a man of prayer. Rev. Deacon is leading a saintly life at our Malecruz Dayaro.


Many people visit him for advice, prayer and spiritual guidance. Even non-Christians who approached him got baptized and joined the faith. The best example is Sr. Usha Mary who is serving at Bethseda poor home. Sr. Usha Mary, formerly a Hindu girl named Usha, saw the eternal light and true God through Rev. Deacon. Now Sr. Usha Mary is a nun of the Jacobite Church, and serving the less privileged in the name of Jesus.


Malecruz Dayaro is blessed with the holy remains of saint Parumala Kochu Thirumeni, Holy father Mor Kauma, and Mor Kuriakose Sahada. This place is also blessed with the 'Kabaridam' of our beloved Late Catholica Bava Mor Baseliose Paulose II. The presence and prayers of Rev. Deacon Joseph at the Dayaro adds to its sanctity.


Let us all thank God for this holy event.

On behalf of SUNDAY VISION family in U.S.A., I congratulate Rev. Deacon and ask for his prayers.


Saju Paulose
Chief Organizer (U.S.A)
Sunday Vision




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