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Orthodox and Western Churches celebrate Easter again on same date

Rev. Fr. George Kevorkian, pastor of St. Ignatius Antiochian Orthodox Mission in the Village of Florida, will celebrate Pascha (Easter) on the same day as the Western churches, April 24.


03 March 2011, Florida - The Orthodox Church Lent begins this Monday, March 7, and for the second consecutive year, Easter, the most important feast in the Christian calendar, will be celebrated on the same date, April 24, by both Orthodox and Western churches.


In most years Eastern and Western Christianity celebrate Easter, which is a movable feast as opposed to having a fixed date like Christmas, on different dates. Two years ago, for example, Easter Sunday was celebrated on April 12 by Western churches on and April 19 by Orthodox churches.


“This difference occurs,” said Rev. Fr. George Kevorkian, pastor of St. Ignatius Antiochian Orthodox Mission in the Village of Florida, “because the Orthodox Church uses the older Julian calendar, established in 46 BC, as opposed to the newer Gregorian Calendar, established in the 16th Century and used by the Western churches.”


Kevorkian explained that the difference in calendars causes the dates to sometimes be one week apart, occasionally occur on the same day, and even be as much as five weeks apart.


Last year he stated, “What’s more unusual is that we will all celebrate Easter on the same date again next year. And no one can remember when that last happened.”


St. Ignatius Antiochian Orthodox Mission, located at 75 North Main St., will offer services from Wednesday, March 9, until the celebration of Easter or “Pascha” on Sunday, April 24.


“Instead of Easter,” said Kevorkian, “we use the Greek word “Pascha” which means passover, and reminds us that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ allows us to pass over from death to new life.”


On Pascha (Easter), St. Ignatius will offer a Midnight Resurrection service and, later that morning, Agape Vespers with Gospel readings in multiple languages at 11 a.m.


For additional information, call 651-0888


Source: The Warwick Advertiser

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