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His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim’s 15th Anniversary of Consecration Observed

Holy Qurbono celebrated by His Eminence Mor Polycarpus Eugene Aydin, Patriarchal Vicar of the Netherlands.


January 30th, 2011 the Sunday of the Blessing of the Candles, marked the fifteenth anniversary of the ordination of His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim as Archbishop. His Eminence Mor Polycarpus Eugene Aydin, Archbishop and Patriarchal Vicar of the Archdiocese of Netherlands who is presently visiting our Archdiocese, celebrated the Holy Qurbono and during his sermon, turned his attention to this milestone. On a personal note, Mor Polycarpus Eugene Aydin initially thanked Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim for all the he did for him during his stay in the United States while he was pursuing his higher education. He noted Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim’s numerous accomplishments over the past fifteen years and the number of young and aspiring clerics that he mentored and helped, while supporting their educational advancement, growth and wellbeing.



He continued saying that Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim was the ideal role model of a true spiritual shepherd. He re-emphasized the theme of his sermon which centered on the light the shines bright in our life, making reference to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He said that Mor Cyril Aphem Karim is also a shining light leading and spiritually guiding this great Archdiocese. He at this point asked Elias Sarkar, choir master, to accompany the deacons in the singing of a hymn, prepared especially for this happy occasion. At the conclusion, with the help of Dr. George Kiraz, Mor Polycarpus Eugene Aydin presented His Eminenece Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim with an antique Bible from Iran, as a gift for the occasion and as a token of appreciation. The entire congregation broke out with cheers and applause. Mor Polycarpus Eugene Aydin concluded his sermon and statement remembering the late Mrs. Khanema Hanna, beloved mother of His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim. He pointed out that as tradition would suggest, a mother would dedicated one of her sons to the Lord. The late Khanema Hanna, had the God given foresight and dedicated her son, our beloved Archbishop Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim to the service of our Holy Church and the Almighty Father.

His Eminence Mor Cyril Aprem Karim, after welcoming His Eminence Mor Polycarpous Eugene Aydin, thanked him for this unexpected surprise and his kind remarks. He also thanked all those present for their good wishes and sentiments. Our Archbishop gave credit to many who over the years worked with him in serving our Church and Archdiocese. He said, “We have enjoyed many successes and at the same time experienced many disappointments. We will continue working with all diligence serving this Archdiocese that I am extremely proud of. A Spiritual Shepard is also a servant and I am the servant of all my parishes and congregants. We have a bright future and I look forward to working with all of you to make the goals of this Archdiocese a reality.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Chamoun, Cathedral Pastor, on behalf of the entire St. Mark’s Cathedral family, also extended heartfelt wishes of congratulations to our Beloved Archbishop on his fifteenth Anniversary celebration. He also welcomed Mor Polycarpus Eugene Aydin to St. Mark’s, assuring him of the parish’s admiration and love while reminding him that St. Mark’s is his home. Mr. Erol Devli, Board of Trustees President, extended best wishes on behalf of the Board and presented His Eminence Aphrem Karim with a bouquet of flowers. More applause was generated by the joyous congregation.

At the conclusion of the Sunday Church Service both Archbishop’s were greeted in the social hall with cheers and applause and received congratulatory good wishes from all those in attendance.


Source: Syrian Orthodox Church Archdiocese Eastern United States

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