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Miracle at the St. Mary's  Syrian Church

Kattachira, Kerala, India

Asianet TV aired a special programme on "Kattachira Miracle" on their weekly programme called 'Vishwasichalum Illengilum' at 10:30 p.m. (IST) on Tuesday 19th October 2010

Holy Father declared the chapel as a Global Marian Pilgrim Centre.

The chapel of St. Maryís Jacobite Syrian Church Kattachira, near Kayamkulam in Kerala had been witnessing a miracle, since October 21, 2009. Aromatic oil, resembling tears, has been observed pouring out from the sacred eyes of St. Mary in a flex photograph placed inside the chapel. Although this aromatic oil, with a heavenly fragrance has been repeatedly wiped away, itís continuously flowing out of this photograph.


Moreover, since November 21, 2009 aromatic oil has also been observed emerging from the Holy Qurbono Taksa held in the chapelís madbaha. Similar oil has also been observed flowing from the Holy Cross placed near the photo and the Apostolic Bull of His Holiness  Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, declaring the chapel as a Global Marian Pilgrim Centre.


The Holy Qurbono and intercessory prayers are being held in the chapel on a daily basis where pilgrims from all parts of India are thronging to seek refuge at the lap of Mother Mary. Many non-residents, who visit Kerala during their vacation, also make a bee line to visit and offer their prayers at the chapel.


Although His Holiness the Patriarch has shown keen interest to visit this church, ill health is holding him back. However, rationalists have opined that more investigations are necessary to establish the source and the nature of this aromatic oil.

Mor Theodosius Mathews checking the photo

Mor Gregarious Joseph  checking the photo




Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselious Thomas I visited the Church and witnessed the miracle along with Mor Theodosius Mathews and Mor  Coorilos Geevarghese of Niranam



October 23, 2009, Kattachira, Kerala, India

The miracle that started in a simple looking icon of Mother Mary carrying Infant Jesus, printed in flex and kept at the chapel of our Kattachira St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church near Kayamkulam, is continuing for the 3rd consecutive day.

It was on October 21st that the women who gathered for Wednesday prayers first noticed the miracle. Thinking that the picture was wet because of rainwater the women took it and wiped it clean. But they noted that it is
becoming wet again. They immediately called upon the Vicar, Rev Fr. Roy Kattachira, who also tried to wipe it clean many a times but noticed that a water like substance was still coming from the eye part. This happened on Wednesday the late-forenoon. One of our friends took a small video clipping in his mobile camera which is shown in the links as the 'first video footage'.

On the next day Mor Thevodosius Mathews, the Metropolitan of our Kollam diocese under whom the parish comes, also visited the chapel and witnessed the same thing happening again. H.E wiped the picture clean u
sing a soft cotton cloth, but in half an hour the oily fluid again started dripping from the same portion, ie; from the eye part of Mother Mary in the icon.


Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselious Thomas I meditating in front of weeping Mother Mary

This simple looking icon of Mother Mary and infant Jesus, printed in flex material, is not a very old one and is not even properly framed, hence either sides are exposed. Since the news first spread the faithful from all denominations are visiting the church to see the miracle happening.

Hail Mary , Full of grace.....
Holy Virgin , Theotokos Pray for us.



First video footage of Miracle at St Mary's Kattachira, Kayamkulam

1.....   2......


Photos  1...  2...


More photos taken on October 30, 2009




Click the above images for viewing larger size photos





The Miracle that is being happening at our Kattachira St. Maryís Chapel since 21st of this month is still continuing for the 9th day in succession. And I am one of those fortunate ones who could witness the great Miracle today.

Strenuous Prayers, day & night, is continuing here with Holy Qurbono every morning. Lot of people are coming to this small church to pray. (and also there are many who are coming here with a doubting mind as well !). Earlier the parishioners had planned to end the continuous prayers on the 8th day, but they are now afraid to stop it since the miracle is continuing and one more incidence has happened since yesterday. Hence they decided to continue the 24-hour prayers for 21 days with Holy Qurbono every day.

I firmly believe that the miracle happening in this simple portrait printed in flex and nailed to a wooden frame, with clear visibility on back side, is undoubtedly a Gods sign. It is simply kept in the floor, in the middle part of the church. The tears like fluid, coming from the eye part of Mother Mary, appears to be slightly oily and is collected in a small vessel covered by white cloth on which the picture is kept in the floor.

(In the photo one can see only the wet cloth, The vessel is kept below it. On the first few days the fluid was collected in an open vessel, but since lot of dust particles has come into it they put a white cloth above it. Achen told me that they havenít removed the cloth for the last few days and hence they donít have any idea how much fluid is collected inside the vessel now and what is in it, but he relieved that at least they will get the cloth.)

Another miracle also started happening from Thursday 29th when the Knanaya Metropolitan H.G. Kuriakose Mor Gregorios was celebrating Holy Qurbono. And again the same has repeated on 30th Friday during the Holy Mass. The priest who celebrated the mass today personally testified it.

This is one church which consists of only poor people with no big shots to name and they have been suffering a lot for many many years because of various reasons known to all of us and still they withstood all the obstacles. This small church is a place where tears of the parishioners has fallen much and now the God seems to be working wonders through His Mother.

I have no more words to explain. I firmly believe in what I have seen in this smallest of the small church.


John Philip Kottapparambil

30 October 2009



















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