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Malankara's Mythical Minefields

During September - November 2005, Mr. Georgy S Thomas, a journalist from Bangalore, posted a series of articles titled "Malankara's Mythical Minefields" on the MOSC discussion forum called Indian Christian Orthodox Network (ICON) at Yahoo groups. The Very Rev. Kuriakose Moolayil Corepiscopos, Director of the Mor Adai Study Centre and Vicar of St. George's Church, Chicago, posted responses countering the arguments raised in this series which were posted in their entirety on the SOCM-FORUM ( and on other forums. These are well considered articles highlighting several aspects of the MOSC propaganda. We are archiving these here for study and discernment by those who seek the truth

  1. Nationalism and Ethnicity in the Oriental Orthodoxy

  2. The Myth of Autocephaly in Oriental Orthodox Churches

  3. The ' Primacy of Equals'

  4. Autocephaly for Self Assertion

  5. Salmoosa of Parumala Thirumeni

  6. 'Conceptual Clarity'

  7. Autocephaly de jure

  8. The Catholicate vs. Mafrianate

  9. Value Erosion

  10. Patriarchal Authority in India

  11. Controversial St.Thomas Throne

  12. 1995 Judgment and the Honorifics

  13. Salmoosa of Augen Bava

  14. The Canonical Position of Patriarch Abdul Messiah II

Please mail your comments and views to Very Rev. Kuriakose Moolayil Corepiscopos, Achan will respond through this site and SOCM-FORUM




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