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Letter From Fr. P.C Geevarghese (IOC Priest)

Fr. P.C. Gheevargeese, a learned priest of IOC, filed one of the two court cases. He even sent an open letter to all the members of the Church explaining how the present and past IOC leadership deceived their own people by telling lies about the court cases against the Jacobite Church.


Fr. P.C. Gheevargheese, the IOC priest, mentions about crores of rupees worth unaccounted money with IOC. Where did they get all these money and why it is unaccounted? He mentioned only the unaccounted wealth of the late former Catholicose. What about the wealth of other living and ruling bishops of IOC.


Saju Paulose

Chief Organizer(USA), Sunday Vision

SOCM memebr ID # 2341



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