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As a blessed tradition and the accepted practice of our Holy Church, from time immemorial, we request the parish priest to remember the name(s) of persons who celebrate Birthday, Wedding Anniversary etc or for the blessings or as thanks giving or the name of a sick person or someone who is in troubles or the departed dear and near ones; at the Holy Altar during the Holy Qurbono. But, due to emigrational dispersals, now we reach and live in many corners of the globe, where many of us do not have enough co- believers to start a parish or we cannot do it due to the local regulations and so we have no chance to take part in a Holy Qurbono - nor can we ask a church or a priest to remember a name on a particular day/date.


More over; there are dates like the Day of All Departed Priests (Koheneh) and the Day of all Departed souls (Aaaneedheh), the Church insist to remember all our departed ones at the Holy Altar, but many of us are unable to do so due the reasons mentioned above.


Taking into consideration of this un-fortunate circumstances, SOCM would like to bring in a helping hand to such people who are living in a place where they cannot have access to Holy Qurbono.


We named the new endeavor as "dukhrono" (commemoration). If you are such a person and if in case you want to place/remember a name or names on occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries,  for blessings for a sick person, Memorials (aaneedhe) or for any other special occasions,  please send us an e-mail at least two days prior to the date you need; we can arrange to place your name(s) on the Holy Altar during Holy Qurbono. Email your names to or with subject of the mail "Name to be remembered at Holy Altar" and quoting the exact need.


Right now Holy Qurbono is available on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday. Many of our Bishops and Priests in the Forum have offered this service voluntarily.


Any priests from any Oriental Orthodox Churches ready to participate in this noble venture, may please mail to us or



















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